Bask foaled on 9 th February 1956 in Albigowa. His father was bay Witraż 1938, a very good-looking stallion, the most precious representative of Kuhailan Haifi sire line. Witraż was Kuhailan Haifi' s grandson. Bask mother was grey Bałałaika 1941, a very feminine, good-looking and dry mare. She was the favourite of the stud employees, especially the deputy manager Romana Pankiewicza.

Bask was Bałąłąjka's tenth foal. Mister Pankiewicz recalls "I remember well his birth ...He was a splendid , healthy colt, distinguishing himself from other colts with beauty and wonderful character".

Before Bask Bałałajka had eight foals with Witraż: bay Gondola 1940, bay Arfa 1947 (both so as Bałałajka foaled at Mrs. Bąkowska's stud in Kraśnica), grey Bandola 1948, grey Czelo 1949, grey Bakalarka 1950, grey Banio 1951, bay Karcza 1952 and grey Bułat 1955 (foaled in Albigowa).

From among those horses only two mares and one stallion were used in Polish breeding. Arfa and Bandola proved themselves to be outstanding and very precious broodmares. The stallion - Banio was used for one season Nowy Dwór. In spite that he covered only 7 mares, he left two precious daughters. Sekwana 1959 is the mother of the stallion Set 1977 Polish National Reserve Champion , and Falbanka 1959 founded her own family from which descends beautiful and brave Farah-Buffi and not less good-looking Farah-Bersa.

Because of bad health, due to " whistling" Bałałajka was removed from breeding and put to death in 1958.

Bask was brought up in Albigowa till he was two years old.

In autumn 1958, as 2.5 year old colt Bask was sent to the racetrack in Warsaw. Mister Zenon Lipowicz recalls Bask in that time."Riding Bask was a pleasant relaxation. He was an obedient horse , quickly reacting for the rider's orders, brave and not easily upset. Besides he had a splendid action in gallop which was characterized by softness and springiness of Arabian horse and extended pace of thoroughbred. Starting with a suitable speed Bask could cover all distance of the training, in the same cadence of canter, without pulling or stimulation". 

Bask stayed on Służewiec racetrack for 4 years. He raced 40 times, 8 times was first, 7 times second and 7 times third. After the end of the racing career. Bask did not return to his mother stud, but to Janów Podlaski, where since 1961 stayed also the broodmares from Albigowa.

It is striking that such good-looking and beautifully moving Bask was not used in Polish breeding. In that time Janów Podlaski and Michałów did not use any sons of Witraż. Brave, but not very good-looking stallion Czort (by Wielki Szlem), which in years 1963-1965 covered 33 mares in Janów Podlaski, was the only stallion from Kuhailan Haifi sire line used in breeding in that time. Maybe there were too many Witraż daughters ( Bask sisters) used in breeding then? Certainly not, because there were 25 Wielki Szlem's and only 11 Witraż's daughters. Furthermore, there were about 15 broodmares in Janów Podlaski and 25 in Michałów , which had neither Wielki Szlem nor Witraż in their pedigree. Surely Bask could have been used in Polish breeding.

Nevertheless, Bask was not used in Polish studs, and was sold to the American breeder from Arizona, doctor Eugene La Croix. Basque stayed in Janów Podlaski till February 1963 when, attended by Mister Ignacy Jaworowski, together with sold Nabor 1950 went by ship to America. Before the trip Nabor covered 5 mares in Michałów, while Bask none.

Perhaps, as it turned out later , it was the right decision that he was sold. If he had stayed in Poland and had not been used in breeding, he would probably have been gelded and would have become one of many working horses in a riding school or in the best case "a star of Polish circus".

Bask impressed American breeders very much, although he was spoken of: "It is a different horse" They were delighted with his correct conformation, beauty and a wonderful movement.

Right away in 1964 on a prestigious Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, Bask became the Champion of Stallions and the Champion in class "Park Horse". In the same year he won the title "US Top Ten" in the class " Park Horse" and US National Champion Stallion. Next year, Bask got the title "Reserve Champion Park Horse" in Scottsdale and "US National Champion Park Horse" and was awarded the title " Legion of Merit" for outstanding achievements.

In 1966 again in Scottsdale Bask became the Champion in class "Park Horse", and the next year "US National Reserve Champion" in classes "Formal Driving" and "Formal Combination". In this way Bask shown "in halter", ridden and in an equipage, proved that he was a versatile and outstanding horse.

Mister Zenon Lipowicz met Bask in the U.S.A and he recalls him this way: "Bask with a long neck, proudly raised, beautiful head, with huge, expressive eyes and raised tail moved on the ring with a springy pace, hardly touching the ground. He brought about cheers of admiration and exaltation of spectators. When he stopped and remained motionless, he looked like a splendid statue of the king of animals.

Is was understandable that the list of the mares for mating with Bask was very long. Each year he covered about 100 mares, and the mating service with him rose from 500$ in 1963 to 10.000$ in 1975.

During his breeding career Bask sired 1045 Arabian and one half-bred foal. His progeny won 495 Championships and 197 times received National Champion title. Moreover, Bask offspring gave 293 National Championships winners.

Outstanding stallions continuing "the work of their father"  were the following:

Thus Bask and his progeny "feasted American breeders eyes" and we were glad that they were glad. However, nobody from contemporary decision-makers was interested in bringing any of Bask sons to Poland. The following stallions from Kuhailan Haifi sire line were widely used in Poland in years 1963- 1979:Czort (1963-1972)-sired 53 foals and, his son El Paso (1972-1981)- sired 73 foals,Celebes (1967-1977)-sired 91 foals ,his son Etap (1976-1979)-sired 28 foals.

The first Bask descendant born in Poland was grey Winiak 1983. His mother Wizja 1973 (El-Paso -- Warmia) bred in Michałów Stud was on lease at the Bask owner - doctor E La Croix. Wizja returned from the U.S.A. in foal with the son of Bask - grey Cognac 1970 (out of Gdynia by Comet) and in Michałów she gave birth to Winiak. However ,he was not good enough to become a chief sire . Therefore, he was rejected and sold.

Fortunately, it was not the end of Bask influence on Polish breeding. In 1993 , in a private Stud Farm - Korfowie, near Kampinowska Forest, the box of the chief sire was occupied by Bask son - grey Biquest 1975 (out of Negotka).

Mister Roman Pankiewicz said: " I am glad that Biquest, Negatraż's full brother , stayed at Korfowe. Biquest is much younger than his brother Negatraż and of grey colour. So, as Negatraz resembles Witraż in a diminished form, Biquest with his frames resembles rather Bałąłąjka ,having of course some of Witraż's beauty. Biquest stayed in Poland for one year and sired 9 foals, including Panki 1994 (out of Petite Fleur) . Panki's breeder - Mrs. Joanna Grootings named the stallion in honour of Mister Roman Pankiewicz Panki has not been used in breeding yet.

Another Biquest son, bay Ataman 1994 (out of Aktorka) stayed on Służewiec racetrack for 5 seasons. He raced 49 times, won 7times, 9 times was second and 6 times third. Since 2001 Ataman has mated mares in his mother stud belonging to Mister Zbigniew Górec. Korfowe Stud Farm were also born two younger Bask grandsons - grey Paultje 1993 (out of Traditioo by Gdańsk) and grey Cliinnton 1993 (out DWD Bask).The first of them has not been used in breeding ,but the second, won the title of Champion Private Bred Stallion in Warsaw in 1997. Since then he has been used in his mother stud. At the same time, when Biquest was used in Korfowe, Michałów Stud leased Monogramm 1985 (by Negatraz by Bask).

This chestnut stallion, with a beautiful head, large dark eyes , high set neck and fantastic movement served in Michałów for two seasons (1993-1994).Then from 1995 till 1997his frozen semen was used. Monogramrn sired 112 foals. His progeny like their father distinguishes themselves by large eyes, beautiful head, long neck and outstanding movement . Among numerous Monogramm offspring the most successful are: Ekstern 1994, Zagrobla 1994, Kwestura 1995 and Fallada 1995. They won many prestigious championships , including World Championship .It is not possible to mention here all achievements of Monogramm progeny born in Poland. 11of his sons has been used in Polish breeding. However, it is bay Ganges 1994 (out of Garonna by Fanatyk)who deserves special attention due to his resemblance to Bask. As a yearling colt he was shown in Junior Arabian Horse Championship in Michałów. He was second in his class behind Extern and was chosen Polish Reserve Champion Colt . Next year, he won his class and for the second time became Polish National Reserve Champion Colt. In years 1997-1998 Ganges ran at Słuzewiec racetrack., He raced16 times, won 3 times (including Koheilan I Stake), 3 times was second, 6 times third, and 1 time fourth. After finishing his racing career Ganges was used as a chief sire in Michałów in years 1999-2001. Ganges has been popular among private breeders, who eagerly have used him in breeding. In years2000 -2002 Ganges sired over 70 foals, including about 30 in private studs.

Ganges progeny (Fryderyk, Wandea, Diaspora, Drzewica, Diuk, Wróżka, Złota Księga, Dobra Nowina,) has already been successful at shows. The best of them, Wieża Wiatrów( the Tower of Winds) was Champion Filly at Białka Spring Show and Polish National Reserve Champion Filly in 2002. She became the main star of Janów's auction sold to Saudi Arabia for 220 thousand $.

Ganges himself was Scandinavian Champion in 2000, Polish National Champion Stallion in 2001 , Nations Cup Reserve Champion Stallion 2001 and in 2002 on lease in Nichols Arabians Stud won the title US Nationał Top Ten Stallion.

In 20003 on lease at Marsha Parkinson Stud Ganges won the title U.S. National Reserve Champion. This charismatic stallion in the "kuhailan" type ,a great mover, has many fans in Poland.

Chestnut Metropolis ON 1996 (by Concensus by Monogramm) from Mike Nichols' Stud is another Bask descendant used in Polish breeding. He won the title US Top Ten Stallion and Reserve Champion English Pieasure Junior Horse.

Bask passed away on 24th June 1979. A well-known and esteemed artist Edwin Bogucki sculptured a beautiful bronze statue of Bask. Since 24th June 1997 the statue stands in front of the entry to Kentucky Horse the Park.

Compiled by: doctor Pudyszak

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